get glammed

Beauty is on the inside and Glam on the outside

Our Story

About us

What started as a frustration of attempting to find great salons available when I had some time in my busy day. Sure I could call around to find the salon, but by the time I eventually found a salon, it was either at the wrong time or day I could book in. There had to be a better way, HODDY was born.

HODDY is an on-demand booking app to find available salons and the ability to call in advance. Even then we thought we could do better. So we are creating the HODDY all inclusive membership, to any 5 Star salon. Launching soon, we are so excited!

Our Vision

A global network of connected salons and clients, to enable glam on-demand.

Our Mission

That beauty is on the inside and glam is on the outside. 

“We believe beauty is on the inside and glam on the outside”

- Tamara swindells - founder

What we do

only 5 star salons

We find available 5 Star rated salons near you to be able to book on demand or call to book in advance. However we have now decided to take this one step further. We are now creating a 5 Star Salon membership service where for a weekly fee you will get unlimited all inclusive access to to only 5 Star Salons. Even better we are in the process of building our concierge service. Here, you let us know when and where you would like an appointment and we will find it for you! 


Why we do it

because we deserve some glam

HODDY exists simply give you the confidence and smile that a visit to the Salon brings. We know you are beautiful on the inside and sometimes we want just a little bit of glam on the outside.  Because we all deserve some glam